First: we arrived safely in Accra on Monday morning and have been keeping busy, adjusting to the heat, and slowly experiencing the city.  Tomorrow afternoon we head out to Eguafo.

Ghana is still in the midst of their presidential election run-off, with a final area re-voting on Friday.  People have been lively in the city, rallying for NDC (National Democratic Congress) with cries of “Change! Change!” and NPP (National Patriotic Party) with the slogan “We are moving forward!”  Right now, things are very close and no one knows which party will win.  But, never fear, devoted friends and family, we are keeping away from rallies and are leaving the city before the results will be announced.  It’s very interesting for us to try to piece together who is supporting which candidate and why, and how the next president’s administration will influence the future of Ghana.  More to come soon.

Happy New Year!!