We arrived in Eguafo last night in the dark. It was exciting and a little scary since we couldn’t see very much (especially trying to use the outhouses). Everyone was very friendly and the van we took to get to Eguafo from Accra had AC, thank goodness.

Next time I come I think I will bring a travel pillow. We found a huge cockroach in out room last night and it was terrifying but I’ve never been so grateful for my  mosquito net in my life. My bug bites seem to double every night, however. I thought I might have been immune because I avoided getting bit the first two days in Accra, but I was very wrong.

I like Eguafo much better than Accra. It’s much more beautiful with the trees and you can see so far. We visited David’s school earlier today and the view from there was breath taking.

My time on this computer is running out.