The bathroom where we pee is a concrete area with walls and no roof. There’s a drain at one end that is more like a gutter. That is the same place where we take bucket showers. We fill up a bucket of water from a pump at this guy’s house. It costs 4 pesewsas which is 4 cents for a whole bucket. I only really need half to bathe though. I don’t even want to think of how much I use at home from the shower. I take the big bucket of water and a little bucket and my shower stuff to the bath area. The door doesn’t close all the way so we drape our towels over the gap and we shout “co!” to the children that peak. They feel really bad when we catch them trying to look and so they wait outside the bath area until we are done so they can apologize.
To bathe out of a bucket, you take the smaller bucket and fill it with water and pour it over yourself. Washing hair is the hardest. Sometimes I can’t get it all the way wet and it’s so sunny that I can feel myself burning as the water is evaporating right off of me.
It’s surprising how little water I really need to get clean or wash my hair. Maybe, wen I get home it will be worth it to turn off the shower wile I lather and only use it to rinse.