I’ve been in Ghana for a week now and it’s been a roller coaster of emotions.  I met up with the group in Accra and on Thursday and we made our way to Eguafo, Cape Coast.

In Ghana, it’s traditional to have a given name and what is known as ones’ soul name. The soul name  is associated with the day you were born. Mine is Ese because I was born on a Sunday.  When introducing myself to locals I’ve said that I am Ese Lenda. Lenda, as I’ve explained to them it’s the name that my family calls me and since we are all brothers and sisters this was the name I chose to give them.

A lot of the things, I’ve found are very similar to life in South Africa.  The transportation system, the housing and many other aspects of the culture.The locals in the village have been really welcoming and engaging.  Unlike in the US and very much like in South Africa there are people everywhere. Children hang out at our house all the time. We’ve even had some grownups come by wanting to taste some of our cooking. Off course it wasn’t anything specially, just spaghetti.

As the others have mentioned the village we are living in is very poor. It’s comparable to the Shanty Towns in South Africa. My first night was very hard. I found myself longing for ignorance. I figured that way I would be blissful. But I couldn’t ignore the fact that this was what most Blacks in South Africa live like and that the only reason I’ve escaped that life was because of the color of my skin.  -According to  South Africa race relations I’m colored, which allowed me to grow up in  better conditions than the average Black person. I just wish I could help the average colored person,in SA, experience what I’m able to experience. Perhaps then there would be more of an appreciation for the Black struggle in Africa.

I’m just so grateful that I was able to have this experience with the group that I have. There consciousness have made it easier to communicate the uncomfortableness of hearing people say things like “I wish to have a skin like the obrone-white person”

We have nightly check-in where we discuss our day. It’s been a very helpful process.