We bought Raid to help with the cockroach and spider problem. This morning Sarah and I came aross Yolanda Raiding the outhouse. Cockroaches were running in every direction out of their pile of diry toilet paperin the corner. They were crawling out of every orifice of the outhouse and then we discovered cockroaches can fly. Hens waddled over and betgan furiously pecking at the invasion. They soon became full and wandered off and the lizards came next hopping from wall to wall to catch the delirious, frightened roaches. We cannot take showers or go to the bathroom for fear of getting hit by flying and falling cockroaches. The are raining down from the ceiling in the outhouse and crawling over everything.
We only hope the village of Eguafo does not hate us for starting this invasion of crazy roaches.
As for Yolanda, she is exhiled to sleep in the outhouses withOUT her mosquito net.