Hello everone!

First of all, to all of my friends and family, I’m doing really well and having an educational and inspiring time.  I haven’t felt this effective in helping a cause in a long time and it feels really rewarding.  Even after my time in Eguafo/Cape Coast I know we will continue to do the great work we are doing and sustain our connection to this community.

We’ve been making a lot of progress on the projects we’re working on, though progress feels much different here – it takes a lot longer to do what we are setting out to do, but we learn a lot of new things along the way.  Over the past few days, Sarah and I have been meeting with representatives from the Department of Social Welfare and the Department of Education in Elmina to ask about protocol for getting David NGO and School certifications for Sankofa Mbofra Fie.  We have hit a few roadblocks – for example, we found out at the Department of Education that the land David has built his  school on is not suitable for a school.   However,  David knows someone who can give him different land in Eguafo to build his school on which is much more level and a suitable distance away from government schools so as to not compete with them for attendance.  Sarah and I have been drafting a project proposal to give to the representative from the Education department tomorrow that we think he will like – we’ve pitched the school as serving the needs of poor and underprivileged children who cannot afford the uniforms and books that public schools require families to pay for.  We’ve outined the mission of the school, borrowing an adage from the U.S. – Knowledge is Power – and also have outlined our objectives, our plans for personnel, supplies, services and an outline of the building plans.  We’re really excited and hope this will advance us onto the next step of getting a school certificate.

Today we are in Cape Coast purchasing furniture for David’s office.  We’re realy excited because we got a good price for a whole office unit with a desk, shelves and cabinets.  We also purchased two shelving units, one for a library for the kids in the Center/orphanage and one for the volunteer house that we live in.   I am going to meet them to transport these things back to Eguafo and hopefully we can get them set up tonight.  I hope everyone is doing well and had a great New Years celebration, and keep checking back to see what we’re up to! Thank you to everyone for your donations that are making our trip happen and that are benefiting Sankofa Children’s School.  Take care, and lots of hugs and kisses from Ghana!

Much love,