Hello everyone,

My name is Patrick Bourke and I am the only male among six girls. This is my first post, but I have enjoyed my time here to this point.  There are certain things that I miss and there have been challenges along the way, but it is a great experience. This is a much different trip than my last winter term in South Africa.  The great contrast shows how expansive the African continent is and how unique each country is .  It is impossible to group all of the countries in together as if it were one supercountry.  Many of the countries have similar customs and problems, just as the United States is similar to Germany.

Working in Ghana has been an especially unique experience and you see things and run into people that you would probably not in the United States. In fact, we have run into this middle aged man named Gary, an engineer from North Carolina.  He  can be extremely beneficial for navigating the American businessworld in a way that 7 college students cannot.

People like Gary and other contributers essential to progress at Sankofa. In fact it was extremely rewarding to unpack a bunch of toys, clothes, books, school supplies, and health kits that people had sent to the school. It can be frusturating when we fix one thing and then another thing goes wrong, but things like donations give hope. It makes me realize that people want to invest in life and education, we just need to make it possible for them to do so.

Well that is it. I am no longer feeling sick. In fact I feel pretty good (knock on wood).

Wish us luck.