Today after coming home from meeting with the chainsaw man who will be cutting the wood for the desks in the school, I noticed the children next door outside banging on pots and cans. They were singing and dancing and then Regina told them to close their eyes. They all closed their eyes, even the youngest, Mary who is 3. They were holding a church service. The pots and pans are the  drums the men play during the songs in church and then in between songs, they sit and pray and listen to the preacher. I took out my video camera as subtly as I could. Forgive me. They noticed after awhile and had to come watch everything I filmed. At least I captured them at play for a little while.

I saw two other kids with a bamboo stick that they were balancing on a tiny set of wheels. One was at the front of the stick steering the wheels and one was holding a steering wheel at the other end of the stick.

Sometimes I feel bad that these children don’t have the toys I had to play with, but when I watch them, they’re having just as much fun if not more with what they have.