Hello all,

As you all know our departure date is nearing and we still have some work to do. At the moment we are attempting to sure up all of the loose ends and focus on the immediate needs of Sankofa.  We are also leaving plans so that David, his staff, other volunteers and all of us can continue the work on the larger projects. We have a lot of work to do but it all seems manageable. We want to leave Sankofa heading in the right direction.

Besides that we are all in pretty good health.  Besides soreness from the 80 pound, 10 ft. long pieces of wood that Christina, Sara, and I had to carry 20 minutes back to the orphanage we are all good physical condition.

I am looking forward to the African Footprint dance and drumming lessons and Kakum National Park, but am disappointed I will miss the playoffs and the inauguration.

Hope all is well in the states or where ever you are reading this.