During our time here in Ghana, I’ve enjoyed taking on the role of team scribe…and my favorite thing is making lists : ) Since so much of my documentation thus far has been in list forms (Shopping lists, spending lists, to-do lists, done lists ect) I figured I would make an entry of lists:

To Do:

-Compile list of daily costs and monthly expenses for Snakofa inorder to make a comprehensive and uptodate list for fundraising and donations

-Discuss a reasonable Teacher’s Salary (they are currently getting paid less than Ghana’s minimum wage because of lack of funding) so that we can include this amount in our donation and fundraising goal

-Finish fixing the office so that the NGO rep. can come and we can move forward on recieving NGO status

-Figure out volunteer expenses inorder to work on the volunteer inofrmation packet and volunteer program structure and  costs

-Finish forms and contracts and hold meetings about how to use them and sigining of contracts between the Oberlin volunteers and the Sankofa staff so we will all be on the same page and aware of one another’s tasks and goals.

-Go over budget and account information and practices with David and Sankofa staff so it will be easier to keep track of fundraising and basic needs so money can be used effectively and saved when possible for the bigger future goal of a larger school

~It is a tall order for less than a week, but we are seven eager and ambitious people and ready to take it on!

10 Things I have learned in the Village:

-Everyone is always fine! Whenever you ask someone how they are, they always say that they are fine… and we as well are always fine when we respond to someone’s inquiry

-If you are 20 minutes late, you are still 20 minutes early….makes it very difficult to schedule meetings…how am I ever going to get to class ontime

-Anything and everything must be carried on your head. I must say, we’ve all taken this challenge on and are getting better by the day…it’s still alittle embarrassing to have a kid half your size come up and take this heavy bucket of water off of your head which you’re struggling with and see them run back to your house with it perfectly balanced on their head…impressive to say the least!

-Bowl movements determine the type of day you’re having.

-No matter how much you clean, there will always be more dust

-Cockroaches are fearless…unless you spray them with raid, and then they just get pissed and fly and fall on your head

-Villages are NOT quiet places

-Anytime is a good time for Church and Worship…especially late at night or EARLY in the morning…and Sunday worship is very extensive and a full body work out

-Hand-washing clothes is also a full body workout and VERY time consuming

-A little goes a long way. I mean this in every sense of the word.Minor things like saying hi to someone or giving a kid a high five or inviting someone for a coke mean so much more to people here. An amount of money that seems insignificant in the US can feed someone or give a child water for a day. Kids play with anything and everything, and are so excited just to see us give them a smile. People have so little here by American standards and yet they have so much more of a community and a united spirit than I have seen in the states and I’m going to miss it. There is an appreciation here and a desire to learn from one another that I have not seen before. There is an appreciation for things and people’s company that is also new to me and it has grown on me…it will be hard for me to leave this place, this way of life, and the people of Egufao who have welcomed us with open arms and taken us into their families.

10 Things I will Miss:

-Children on our porch

-Going to the shop to get a coke in a glass bottle

-Reading at night at the center with the kids

-Taking trotros and taxis

-Our little house

-Eating together on our porch

-The breeze when it’s so freaking hot and you just get so excited to feel some air!

-Talking to people that I pass and being asked How I am, and Strangers being so friendly and looking out for me

-High-fives and snaps

-Goats everywhere and Pineapples on the street corner

Most of all I’m going to miss these kids and just being around them. They are so funny and energetic and inspring and appreciative…I hope I can figure out how to tell them how much they have taught me!

Lots of love from Ghana, enjoy the inauguration for us! We’ll be home soon