Ever morning here, I wake up and brush my teeth. Everyone else in the village gets up really early. By 5:30 or earlier. I’m not surprised since the church services they have every morning are SO loud. Of course I’ve learned to sleep through it. Now I can even sometimes do it without my ipod. So when the children next door see me awake, they point to their legs and I beckon for them to come up on the porch for me to look at them. So far these children have been “stepping on knives” from what I understand. Yesterday though, a boy came and I looked at his leg and then I told him to hold his pants leg up so I could bandage up a small gash covered in flies and I noticed another gash and another. He was beaten with a stick and there are huge gashes all over his leg. He came back again today so I could change his bandages. I’m no doctor but it was oozing pus and still bleeding. I’m really disturbed. Many of these children are covered in scars. As I was bandaging up the same children this morning more and more kept coming to me. A 14 year old girl came with a gash on her ankle from dropping a pot last week. It was turning purple at the edges and some of their wounds are so filthy I can’t even find the actual cut because the blood and dirt and flies cover up the area too much for me to see. One of the children cut his toe I can’t get all the dirt out but I try to clean it and bandage it up. I don’t think he has his own sandals. I told him he had to wear his sandals to keep dirt out of the bandage and I saw him later wearing some that were too small. As much as I want to go home, I feel like I could do more good here. It’s painful but for the first time I feel led to help children like these. Before we leave, we are going to give the teachers at the school lessons in first aid. I find that comforting.