At this very moment the inaugaration of President Barack Obama is occurring. I am sad and disappointed to be missing the ceremony, especially after investing so much in the campaign. There is not so much buzz in Ghana as you would expect, but that may be due to the fact the election was 3 months ago. After President Mills won the election here in Ghana, it was about a week and a half turn around to their inauguration. It was interesting to see all of the Obama comparisons, the calls for change, and the declarations of being “Ghana’s Obama,” during the election. Regardless, I wish that we could watch the inaguaration, but at the moment Sara, David, and I are setting up the blog at Sankofa ( and solidifying our plans in Accra.

The good news is that everything appears to be coming together in the end. We are finishing up with accounting and totaling the donations and the supplies. I mentioned that one of the last things that I thought that I would be doing on this trip was accounting work. It is not that I thought we wouldn’t be handling finances, but that I didn’t think that I would be doing it. That has been kind of how this entire trip has been. You can never expect something to go completely to plan, but it tends to work out in the long run. Things just run a little different here than in the US. It has been a good learning experience, in many things, especially patience.

This will probably be my last post until I reach the United States, so I thank you for reading all or some our posts.

Wish us safe travels.

Thank you,

Patrick Bourke